Me, Elsewhere

Cover to CoverI used to co-blog at [Cover to Cover], but it's now a defunct blog. If you'd still like to check out some of my posts there, I can tell you that it was a fun blog about book covers - that's all it was, but there are some very beautiful & and artistic ones on display!

Tangled In Pages
I co-blog with Rashika and Paulina at Tangled in Pages, where we have a lot of fun - I actually made their blog design! I'm hoping in the future to have more time with them - I've only participated in a couple things with them. Here are my posts on Tangled!

The Raven ReadersAnd last, but not least - I'm one of the original founders of The Raven Readers, which is a collaborative book blog - I think that there's five of us! It hasn't had very much going on in a while, but I hope that things will pick back up on it soon! Here are my posts on The Raven Readers!

Drugs Called BooksNitzan, however, originally blogged at Drugs Called Books, for about two years before she joined me. I was an avid reader of her blog, which was really exciting! Definitely go check out all of her earlier work there!

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