Contact Me + Review Policy

I am not accepting review requests at this time, unless we have an established relationship.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy! I will keep this updated, and if you need to know anything, don't be afraid to ask! ;)

As of 4/15/2014, I have:

-1,430+ monthly pageviews
-1,010+ unique monthly visitors
-4,380+ Comments since January 2012  (I lost 800+ comments through intensedebate and 130+ through disqus during the switch.)

-My follower stats can be viewed by holding your cursor over the follow buttons. :)

Review Policy:

Recently, it's come to my attention that I should re-write this, as some of my reviewing *rules* have changed. Now, for more policy and such, read on.

I'm an honest person, I really am. Recently, it's come to my attention that "my honesty" doesn't always make people happy. But regardless, I'll still be completely honest, even if I didn't like the book AT ALL.

IF I accept your book, please note that it may take me a bit to get to yours in particular. I have many other books to read, and I tend to read based on my mood. When I get to your book, though, you can expect a fairly thorough review, noting the things that I liked, and others that I didn't. My rating averages are as follows (based on all reviews done in the last two years, requested and not):

2% received one star reviews
9% received two star reviews
47% received three star reviews
28% received four star reviews
1% received five star reviews
13% received "half stars" (Any star rating + a half star)

Based on EVERY book I rated on Goodreads, I have only every given 0.5% (or 7 total books) a five star rating. If you get a five star... your book is beyond special to me.

I don't accept any "monetary compensation" for reviews, which is what makes me honest. Please don't offer me money, and please use my name. I will automatically decline* (and delete) your request if you do not address me as Megan. I reserve the right to refuse any request, and if I'm not interested I won't email you back. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. DO NOT under any circumstances send your novel as an attachment with your INITIAL email.

{Please note that I will no longer be taking pitches via social media, unless we have a professional relationship, or I've been talking to you about the book you're pitching/one of your other novels, etc.}

Contact me about Young Adult (any genre), Adult (Literary Fiction, Chick Lit, Paranormal), Middle Grade (any genre), and New Adult (any genre).

Formats of Books That I Accept:

I do not accept e-books.
Do you have a book that's only published in E-book that you think I'll like? Awesome! Feel free to pitch me, because I recently got a Kindle and I really like it. (I still prefer paper over digital.)
Due to time constraints, I will no longer be accepting ebooks, until I get back on track with my time management.
I will accept any physical form (Paperback, hardback, ARC, Galley).
I have a USA address, if this concerns you.
I will never, ever sell an ARC, but I might trade it or gift it to a friend.


*Under certain circumstances, email will not be automatically deleted.