July 21, 2015

Do You Read Books You Know You're Going to Hate?

This question is brought on by the publication of E.L James's Grey.

When Grey came out a short while ago (or at least, it was a short while ago when I drafted this), the internet raged. How dare E.L James try to milk this cow any farther? How dare she attempt to make readers sympathize with Christian? Etc etc.. 

(Not disagreeing/agreeing, I'm steering clear of this argument as I've never read any of the books)

And... Grey became a best-seller almost overnight. Not necessarily surprising, that.

The surprising part is that people who absolutely detested the first three books or people who knew without a doubt that they were going to hate this book.... bought Grey. Just so they could... hate on it? assure themselves it was really as bad as they thought it was and they were not missing anything? not entirely sure about the logistics...
But that got me thinking... do you ever read books you know you're going to hate? Do you waste money or time on something you are certain is going to be bad? 

This doesn't make any sense to me, and I am a total ranter! I mean, this might sound bad to people but I love writing rant reviews. Somehow, it makes hating a book a fun experience, and I'm for that (but I am never offensive to the author). I'm all for making a bad experience fun, and funny, and to just kind of... squeeze all the bad out of it. 

But I never set out to hate a book

In fact, I go so far as to avoid popular books, even the BIGGEST THINGS EVER, if I see indication in other reviews/the summary that it's not going to be my cup of tea (insta love, love triangle, douche love interest, etc) just because I really don't want to hate the book - and I don't want to waste my time/money on something I'm not likely to really enjoy.

Do some books slip through the crack? OF COURSE! Do you sometimes buy a book before you realize you might not like it and end up reading it out of guilt? It happens. And when it does, viola - ranting!

But... do you do that on purpose? 


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  1. I definitely wouldn't buy a book if I don't think I am going to like it and most likely wouldn't read it if I didn't think I would like it. There are so many books out there to be read. My time is best spent reading books I'm excited to read. I would however try reading a book I'm hesitant about If someone I know convinces me to give it a shot.