June 23, 2015

Which TBR Matters?

We, the book people, all have something we refer to as our "To Be Read" pile. We always say "our TBR". But recently, when thinking about it, I realized something. We don't have a TBR. We have TBRs.

What do I mean?

1. Physical TBR
This one consists of all your unread books on your physical shelves at home, in your personal library. This is the most visible of TBRs, the one people actually see if you invite them over.

Currently, I have around 70 books on this TBR.

This is the TBR that really matters to me, and is the one I work the hardest on minimizing. Why? Because this is the one I feel obligated to excuse. If someone walks into my room, sees a book and asks me how it is, I am unable to just say "I haven't read it yet". I feel obligated to give a very detailed explanation why, because I feel almost ashamed that it's still unread (and that I'm buying more books despite of this fact).
2. The Series TBR
This TBR is mostly compiled of sequels we intended to one day read. All bookworms love their series. All bookworms know waiting for the next book to publish/to get your hands on is torture. And all bookworms know sometimes, in the wait, you end up... forgetting you wanted to read the next book so badly.
So this TBR tends to grow and grow and grow until it's a monster (like all TBRs, when you think of it...).

I'm "Currently Reading" 117 series. That means 117 immediate sequels, not to include all the trilogies, sagas, etc... That's A LOT of books.

This one is also high on my list, as I'd like to really narrow it down, especially when it comes to finished book series.
3. the Electronic TBR
Nowadays, almost everyone has an electronic TBR, compiled of all the electronic books we've got.

Mine is split into two:
a) freebie purchases (which currently stand on 902. I know, I've got a problem).
b) my paid for purchases (73, but I've read a big number of them).

This TBR, to me, is on lower priority. I still go to great lengths to clean it up and reduce my unread titles (especially in the Paid For department), but no one actually sees these books. They're hidden inside this small device, so I don't have to excuse anything.
4. Goodreads/Leafmarks/Booklikes TBR.
This one is made from all the thousand books we mark "To Read" on these sites. Those tend to be the biggest of TBRs, for the sole reason you're not obligated to anything on it. Marking "To Read' is marking interest, not committing to marriage.

To me, this TBR is of the lowest priority. I mark things that look interesting, but more often than not I forget about them. The books on my GR TBR that I do end up reading are books that ended up standing out of the rest, be it because my friends talked about them all the time, they sounded exceptionally intriguing or were just plain beautiful (yes, I'm shallow. Get over it).

Every once in a while I'll go to my GoodReads TBR and clean it up a little, erasing those books I can't even remember why I added, but it never seems to grow any smaller...

Those are just four types of TBRs. I'm sure there are more, and that every one of us has different versions of TBRs.

Which TBR is the most important to you? The one you pick from the most and care the most about reducing? 


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