June 16, 2015

Now YOU See It #1 - Carmilla

Now YOU See It is a new feature on the blog where we're going to recommend Web Series, shows and movies to you guys! The feature will not have a set pub date, but rather will be posted as the inspiration strikes
For the first episode of Now YOU See It, I've been wondering what show to talk about. I knew from the moment I thought of this feature that I'm going to start with a Web Series, probably one loosely based on a novel of some sorts, but I didn't want to start with the obvious ones.

Luckily, Season 2 of Carmilla has started streaming, which pretty much decided things for me.
If you're asking this question (about Carmilla, I mean), Carmilla is a web-show loosely based on a J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella of the same name. Every one of the thirty six episodes is around the three minutes mark, produced by the YouTube channel Vervegirl TV and told through the eyes of Laura, a student in Silas University that is investigating her best friend's mysterious disappearance and the appearance of the weird Carmilla right after.

A little note: when I say loosely based, I do mean... Loosely based. In the best way possible; the message of the series is just about the opposite of the novella, and basically just uses the premise of a lesbian vampire. 

Yep, thats right. LESBIAN VAMPIRE.
If you're like "Um, okay, I'm out of here" because of it please don't. I know it might sound uncomfortable or daunting if you're straight, like I am, or... even you're not. It's surprisingly... not. You don't have to be a big gay lover to watch this series. 

Heck, some of my best friends are gay but I've never been big on "Gay Shows", and yet this one is just amazing

My favorite part of this series is actually how Lesbiasm is protrayed. Its a show that really speaks equality because not for one second does somebody ask "oh, you're a lesbian?". There is no big revelation of this fact. They're all just 100% accepting of this fact and embracing them, from episode 1, even the straight guys. No one's discussing it because there is nothing weird, or out of the ordinary, or brave or anything about being gay. It's an acceptable part of society, which means it is true equality, and it's delightful! 

The show has got an amazing kickass female-centered cast, who are all great actors (and highly attractive, too). They play their characters believably, like they are them. You'll never once think "oh, that sounded fake" or "that's so scripted". In other words, the acting is top-notch and every character is very different from one another, and is important to the plot. No one is there for no reason!!
The amazing cast, in all their glory!
As for the plot, it's like nothing out there in the web-series world. It's fantasy, and has some unbelievable shit going down in this show and yet... well, you believe it. You'll be sitting at the edge of your seat, waiting to figure out what happened and what are they gonna do next and HOLLY HELL DID YOU JUST SAY THE BOOKS TRIED TO EAT YOU?!

So, yeah. Crazy stuff. But all done so amazingly.
Being Kick Ass. Being Surprising. Being unexpected. Being WTf. 
And the best part about this show? Probably the shipping, of which you've got in abundance so your shipper heart will have a problem to go on. And it's not going to bother you one bit that they're all girls!

First up, we've got Dani x Laura 
Cute, right?
Then we have Carmilla x Laura 
Possibly cuter?!
Aaaand... Perry x LaFontaine
It pretty much doesn't matter who's on screen, at a certain point you're going to be going KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS all the time, between the NO NO NO WHAT'S GOING ON WHAT WHAT WHAT parts.

Basically - it's GREAT FUN! It's definitely one of those underrated web series than needs more viewership, so get on with it! You can now binge watch the entire first season (which I just did again while writing this post), and then get caught up on the second one!


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