May 8, 2015

River Marked by Patricia Briggs

River Marked by Patricia Briggs 
Series: Mercy Thompson #6
Source: Bought Paperback
Publisher: Orbit
Publication Date: March 3rd 2011
Age Genre: Adult
Challenges: TBR-Cleaning my Shelves
Challenges: Sequel-Prequel
Challenges: Flights of Fantasy
Mercy Thompson is a shapeshifter, a talent she inherited from her long-gone father. And she's never known any others of her kind. Until now. As Mercy comes to terms with this new information, an evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River. Something deadly is coming, facts are thin on the ground and Mercy feels ill at ease.

You guys, it's so great to be back with Mercy and Co.! I've been putting off reading this one until I finished with my re-read of the series up to this point, and while I enjoyed that, I also forgot how fun it is to discover everything fresh alongside my favorite characters!

Adam and Mercy are officially husband and wife as of this book (happy dance!) and their honeymoon is... eventful. To say the least. But this is Mercy we're talking about. None of us expected differently. I'd have been way more surprised if their honeymoon was just a fun, sweet vacation filled with rainbows and puppies. (And concerned, because then... who knows what would've happened afterwards. Mass murder of the pack? End of the world?)

This time, the story is very Indian centered, and we learn a lot about Mercy and her heritage, which was extremely fun and interesting.

But the truly awesome stuff? First, extra time with Adam!!! This book is all Adam, and it is all super delicious. It's no secret I have the hots for the Alpha Werewolf (and I love him and his little coyote together), so this was like a birthday treat to me.

Second, Coyote. Who's Coyote? Well, he's SPOILER Mercy's kind-of-maybe-it's-complicated father END SPOILER, and he is such a colorful character! Every scene with him was just so much fun! He's golden. I am looking forward to seeing him around more from no on. He better be! I mean it! I will not accept any other solution!

Only complaint? This book should have come with "No real children were harmed in the making of this novel" sticker, or something...

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