March 1, 2015

February Round Up

Books I Read

This month I mostly read kindle books, and most of them were just mindless pass-time books. I didn't review them, even though I enjoyed all of them. There was just not that much to say, resulting in only 4 written reviews from the batch.

Books Reviews

Books Boguht
A Thousand Pieces of You

I read 6 physical books last month, and four this month, resulting in ten, so I actually kept with my "one book per 5 read" challenge! I'm so excited! That makes two months running! Last year, I folded after two weeks!

Who Wore it Better

Other Posts

Challenges Re-Cap
Read Your Freebies ( 6 / 50): 

Cleaning my Shelves ( 9 / 20):
Oldies: ( 4 / 24): 

Cleaning my Paid For ( 6 / 18): 

Contemporary Challenge ( 2 / 15) ( 10 / 30): 
(only the bold books count toward the official challenge, the rest are for my personal challenge)

Sequel-Prequel ( 11 / 20): 

Re-Read Challenge ( 4 / 12): 
None this month

Flights of Fantasy Challenge ( 10 / 20): 

TBR Challenge (20/ 44): 

I count here all books read, not only book reviewed, because--I'm sorry--the goal is to read more. So, maybe I won't get points for some because I didn't review, but I still read.


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