February 26, 2015

Who Wore it Better: Delirium by Lauren Oliver (Vote!)

Who Wore it Better is an original meme I brought with me from Drugs Called Books. In it, instead of discussing fashion or cloths, we discuss book covers from different countries, and who has the best cover. The meme is co-hosted with the lovely Amanda and Stacie from Beautiful Bookish Butterflies and will be featured on her blog every other week, so check her out as well!  

This week we're taking a look at Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Like last time's WWIB, I haven't read this one. At this point, I'm not sure if I ever will, and the covers are a big part of that.
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#1: UK - YES. This is what I'm talking about. This cover is pretty like a picture. It's tranquil colors make me think of love and softness. But the girl is actually standing alone, unlike a lot of similar cover (which usually feature a couple), which is interesting. It's beautiful, but she's shadowed. And the picturesqueness makes one think this beauty might not be real. And yes, I might be reading too much into it because I want it to fit the synopsis it's so pretty...

#2: French -  So, actually, this one has many variation, some of them in English, but I chose the one with the background I liked best - the black. It makes the beautiful woman stand out against the letters, but also gives a sense of darkness (through the black background). But the strength of this covers lies in the typography. The swirling extensions as well as the fat letters gives to me the impression of a heart together with the face. It's beautiful, and appropriate. 

#3: Indonesian: In the case of this cover, I'm going to look at it just as a cover. Because if I'd look at it in relations to what the story is about, I will have to put it way lower and admit that it looks more like a Japanese Magical Samurai Action movie (I get a Kill Bill vibe...), but I like it visually. I like the colors, the liveliness of it. How active it is.

#4: German So... like... this scares me. (But I still don't hate it as much as the other two...)

#5: US - I hate this cover. Seriously, it's the reason why this book is still standing on my shelves, unread. It just looks so... bad! I hate the cut of the face. And I don't think the face itself is too appealing. Than there is the fact that it looks like the plants are her hair. Does she have hair? She appears bald. And, this cover doesn't coincide with the synopsis, at all. I don't feel anything like love/disease/dystopia.

#6: Dutch - Yeeeeeah. No. There is nothing even remotely appealing about this cover to me. It's a jumping girl photoshopped on a purple background...


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  1. I really like the UK cover. I'm glad that's the cover they have here in the Middle East. I just had my hands on them yet.

  2. The UK cover is just stunning! You're so lucky that's the one available to you! :D