February 6, 2015

Smolder by Lacey Weatherford

Smolder by Lacey Weatherford
Series: Crush #4
Source: bought Kindle
Publisher: Moonstruck Media
Publication Date: April 12, 2014
Age Genre: New Adult (not explicit)
Challenges: Prequel-Sequel
Challenges: Contemporary
Challenges: TBR - Paid For
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The last thing Russ Weston ever wanted was to be called a hero. A normal guy, out doing the job he was trained to do, he’s nothing special—at least he doesn’t think so. All that changes, though, on the day he rescues renowned psychiatrist, Evelyn McKnight, from drowning.
Suddenly thrown in the spotlight, Russ becomes the center of media frenzy and he hates it. One thing he doesn’t hate, however, is the good doctor. Unable to deny the sparks between them, Russ wants Evie in a bad way. Unfortunately for him, Evie seems determined to continue nursing the broken heart she’s been clinging to for years, since the death of her fiancĂ©.
Always up for a good challenge, Russ pursues her anyway, steadily chipping away at her walls of resistance. Just when he thinks he finally has her in his grasp, everything falls apart and Russ discovers that love can be messy, messy, messy.
Desperately trying to pick up the pieces, Russ realizes sometimes when you love someone you have to set them free—even if doing so may cost him Evie, permanently.

Sadly, Smolder was definitely the weakest of the series. Even my infinite love for Russ couldn't make me give the book more than three stars. And you've no idea how sad I am for this.

Unlike the first three books in the series, Smolder doesn't continue the tale of Cami and Dylan, which I consider fortunate because how much crap can you put one couple through, really?! Ahem. Anyways, this one tell's Russ's story - Cami and Dylan's loyal best friend. He's been there since book one. He's moved around with them every time. He was ready to sacrificial his life for theirs. Really, what's not to like?

Surprisingly, a lot. Not with Russ himself. Russ himself is a sweetheart (though a really horny one). The thing is, this book was typical. It was unbelievable. It was rushed. It had too much going around. And those are really just the headers.

Russ deserves some love, and he finds it in the form of beautiful and smart Evelyn. But is their road smooth? Ha. You make me laugh, you optimistic you!

Everything is going good for the first half of the story. Which, naturally, means we're heading into Danger: Lot's of Crap Ahead! zone. First, we have the SPOILER miraculous return from the dead. END SPOILER Not really surprising, completely unoriginal, and frankly utter bullshit. What are the odds? Right when everything is going great, when they're going to speak the L word, THAT happens. Yeah. No.
Speaking of L words, why did they have to happen so soon? I know Cami and Dylan have the whole love-at-first-sight thing, and I can't recall how long it took them to get together, but I felt like it happened way too quickly here. They know each other maybe a month. Their relationship has been physical at best. They've been irrationally possessive from the get-go, even though they don't know anything about each other. Me no likey.

And then, so much happened! Because of twist number 1, twist number 2 had to be included so we could get rid of the result of twist number 1 on one end. Then we had to get rid of a character, because she was in the way and twist #1 is finally solved! Then, we had to put in a 3rd event to catalyst the solution of twist #2, and if we can also solve some of the original issues the hero has been dealing with, so the better!
I would've liked it more if the story focused on just one thing instead. I would've liked it more if the story really focused on them getting to know each other more, than all this other... crap. I'm being so vocally angry with this because I love this author. I highly enjoy her books and stories. So I know she can do a lot better than this. That's why I'm angry.

I will say this - I read the book in one day. It was fun, and they were cute together when they weren't busy not being together/being physically together. It was great seeing Cami and Dylan truly content for once, without anything to mar their happiness. That's why it's a three stars, and not lower - despite my angry ranting.


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  1. I loved the dark and gory take on angels in this book!I love my books dark an twisted,and this one was perfect for me.

  2. This was definitely dark and gory. Like, the complete opposite of what I normally associate with Angels. And heartbreaking.