February 13, 2015

Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines

Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines
Source: Free kindle copy
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance
Publication Date: August 1st 2012
Age Genre: Adult
Challenges: TBR - Oldies
Challenges: Contemporary
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Do not adjust your set. That really was Casey Greene being jilted by her fiance on live TV! And that really was Memphis's most eligible bachelor who stepped in to marry her instead.
Millionaire businessman Adam Carmichael wanted only to help Casey save face. He isn't prepared for the news that their "fake" wedding is legal and binding.
While they secretly wait for an annulment, media and family scrutiny forces them to put on their best loving-couple act. Except by now, neither one is quite sure who's acting....
I am not going to lie - I was surprised by how much I liked this book. Married By Mistake was one of the first kindle freebies I one clicked (though it's no longer free). I'm talking about 2012 here. It's been sitting on my shelf for that long, until finally, due to my Oldies Challenge, I decided to give it a read.

I wasn't expecting much. It sounded cute, but nothing else. I'm not sure if it was anything but cute, but it was just so... enjoyable!

I mean, I had a hard time stopping. I just kind of had to know what will happen with Casey and Adam! These two, they were just so great together. Even before they got to know each other, they were a source of strength. Adam helped Casey stand up to her family, and Casey helped Adam ease up a bit; open up to the good things in his life.

And a couple that's so great even when they're not, well, exactly a couple, will be amazing together for reals. If only they would realize that! (which, really, is what this story is all about)

And I loved these two people--both together and individually, because they were completely flawed in the best way possible, the kind of way that also allows them to grow, even in a relatively short time (and novel), in a believable way. They weren't perfect, they made mistakes, and sometimes, you really wanted to shake them.

Next to them were a few side characters I adored, such as Eloise and Sam, and I was happy we were given glimpse into their story inside Casey and Adam's.

Truly, one of my better free clicks - to bad it took so long to finally get to reading it!


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  1. Harlequin romances are my guilty pleasures!With all those marriage to love,fake relationships and lots of angst,they offer wonderful concepts.
    I've never heard of this book before,but it sounds cute!

  2. I love romance, period. Be it Harlequin, or any other imprint :)
    Actually, I don't like much angst, and this one isn't over the top with it. By I do adore the marriage to love and fake relationship tropes ;)
    IT WAS!