January 7, 2015

Top Book Boyfriends of 2014

Hey guys! 

I decided to do something lots of bloggers did, and share with you guys the swooniest (is that a word?...), greatest book boyfriends of 2014! I have a book boyfriend in every book (yes, that's as sluttish as that sounds), but only a few of them stand out enough to be here. I'm speaking about the book boyfriends who stick around even after the book's over. The book boyfriends you actually remember, when the year is done.

Unfortunately, they are all happily in a relationship with some woman who deserves them, or on one occasion, firmly on the way to being in one (and it better happen soon, because my shipper heart demands it), so they're off the market, but if you don't mind that, you should definitely give them a call! 
EMILIO @ The Book of Broken Hearts
Biker. Mechanic. Latino goodness. Sweet. Kind. Caring. Etc.  

CINDER @ Cinder & Ella
Actor. Best friend. Reader. Prince. King of Big Gestures. Smitten. Adorable. 

TARVER @ These Broken Stars
Soldier. Leader. Survivor. Reluctant Symbol. Heroic. Cynical.

SICARIUS @ The Emperor's Edge series
Assassin. Deadly. Weapon. Killer. Aloof. Serious. Poker Faced. Surprisingly Caring.

VALEK @ Poison Study Series
Assassin. Poison Master. Expert Fighter. Loyal. Swoon Worthy.

GIO @ Elemental Mysteries series
Scholar. Professor. Warrior. Fire. Lover. Husband. Friend. Vampire.   

GEN @ The Queen's Thief Series
Thief. Scared. Not Perfect. Deceiving. In love. Unexpected. Fearsome. Clever. 

CURRAN @ Kate Daniel Series
Lion. Shifter. Leader. Hot Headed. Protector. Hunter. Beast. 



  1. Aw, I haven't read any of the books you've mentioned here but the book boyfriends all sound so swoon-worthy! :D

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

  2. I love him too! <3 So much! I was his fan from the first time we met him, even before we knew he wasn't a heartless assassin (assassin, yes. Heartless, no)
    You should give them a shot, Mish! Two of them are free! :D

  3. THEY ARE! You should totally check them out, Julie! Two of them are even up for free, so you could always start there ;)

  4. On it! Thanks for the recommendations, Nitzan! :)