January 27, 2015

The Art of Commenting

As a blogger and a frequent flier in the book community online, comments are a big part of my life. I wait for them - be them comment to my posts, or replies to things I commented on. They brighten my day significantly. Literally every comment I get - big or small, it doesn't matter - makes me happy and excited.
However, when it comes to writing a comment... even though I know even two words have meaning, I find myself unable to write those kind of comments.

I'm the type of commenter that loves writing long, meaningful (in m perspective), detailed comments. I will literally find myself stopping and closing a comment if I realize I only have two sentences to say about it, and one of them is along the lines of "great review!" It's all or nothing for me.
Lately I realized I have a "system". A little set of rules that goes into each comment to guarantee max meaningfulness, if you will. It goes like this: 

A. I will always use the reviewer's name in the comment. For me, that make it personal. A little way for me to show them I know it's them who wrote the review, and that it means something. Like, this review won't be as awesome if it was by someone else, and they should well know it! 

B. I will tell the reviewer how fantastic his/her (usually her, I admit) review is, how well written, etc. Complimenting is healthy, especially when it's well earned! It's important to me to let the reviewer know how much I appreciate their reviews, and how much I want to continue and read more reviews by them. 
C. I will write my actual comment. It will include references to parts of the review such as quotes or agreeing/disagreeing/questioning/elaborating certain specific parts. I do this both because I truly have something to say, and because I love showing the reviewer I really read the review. That I went through all of it and truly listened to the words she wrote. 
D. And lastly, I will again tell them how I enjoyed the review and how much I love them as a reviewer! 

What about you? Do you have a certain formula, or do you write whatever, however? Do you think my way is good, or... ?


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  1. I love to go around commenting on blogs that I haven't been around on before. Following is a little tricky because I have commitment issues and I don't want to end up unfollowing later, but I always try to leave the best comments.

    My comments depend on the post. If it's something that really agrees with me or where I have a lot to say, it's going to be a 3000 word essay. If not, I'll do my best to make it a reasonable length. I don't think I've ever given a two word or a one sentence comment. I don't really like those, to be honest. It doesn't help me as a blogger and sometimes "great review!" makes me question if they even read the review.

    great post! <333 [I typically end up with this generic message only because I don't know another way lol]

  2. This is a great breakdown of your commenting style! Mentioning the name, and saying how much you enjoy the review or reviewer, is great! I try to write something meaningful, or at least add to a conversation with comments, but I don't really have a formula with how I write them - maybe just think of how I would respond to the post if I was talking to the person in real life actually. It is really nice to get comments, so this year I'm also trying to visit more blogs and leave one! :)

  3. Haha, I have never unfollowed someone, even when I REALLY want to. Like, because I clicked that follow button, I feel like it's my responsibility to keep following... *sigh* I've reached this point, though, where I'm considering cleaning up...

    While I definitely know where you're coming from, unless the comment has "follow me back" or something like that I'd like to assume they've read it, and it still warms my heart a little.

    Feel free to write even 6000 word essays on my reviews! LOL I LOVE being able to really start a conversation with someone from a review, and suddenly it's not even ABOUT the review anymore! :D

    [Quite alright <3]

  4. Thank you!
    Oh, that's actually a great style, to try and write what you'll reply if you were talking to the person in RL!
    That's a great goal, Charlene!

  5. Okay, now I'm really mindful about how I'm writing this comment. Touché. ;)

    I usually mention the name when I comment, but only when I actually know the person (which is almost always the case, unless I'm commenting on new blogs). Other than that, though, I don't have a set template like you do - some of my comments are three or four paragraphs long and some are one or two sentences. I do try to refrain from just saying "great post" or something like that - while I sometimes say that at the beginning or end, it feels like a bit of a copout to just write that, you know?

  6. LOL Topaz! That wan't my intention, but I'll take it ;)
    Are you new on this blog? Or are you familiar with Megs?
    I feel you sister. Just writing "Great review" feels to me kind of like cheating...

  7. I've noticed that I'll often use a blogger's name when I'm replying to a personal, rather than a bookish post. I guess it's to establish the connection.

    I don't think I have a normal commenting style - as long as I can think of something meaningful to say, I'll leave a comment. However there are so many posts I've read where I feel my comment won't contribute much so I don't comment. I hate that though, I want the blogger to know that I've read and appreciated their post!

  8. That makes a lot of sense! Personal posts = personal touch :)
    I know how you feel. There are many posts I've read and enjoyed, but can't generate much more than "great review" for, and that makes me feel like I'm really not adding anything to the reviewer by commenting, so I don't. But that also makes me sad because now they won't know I read and enjoyed it... :(
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Rinn!

  9. Just like you I am an all or nothing commentor, although sometimes I try to be okay with only two lines comments, but that is my minimum. I have a few ways I comment on review posts, but with discussion type post I usually just type whatever I think or want to say.

    I sometimes include a blogger's name, but not always and I find that I am more likely to include a blogger's name when I am frequent visitor of their blog or when it just fits right in the comment. I think any way of commenting is good, there isn't really a bad or right way. I think most bloggers love comments, no matter how short or long they are. Great post!

  10. Brand new, actually - and it's wonderful to meet you! :)

    Absolutely. I mean, it's nice for the person to know that I liked their discussion/review/fill-in-the-blank, but theoretically I could write that for pretty much every post ever. There's no personalisation to it at all - and while I do love receiving all comments, those ones are kind of like "oh. Is that all...?".

  11. Two lines is pretty much my minimum as well...as long it's not the following two lines:
    "Great post!
    Looking forward to more posts from you!"

    I totally understand about discussion posts. Those are less strictly formatted with me, too. I mean, it's easier to just dive into the discussion in them.
    I try to include the name even when I'm not familiar with the blogger. The moment I decide to write a comment I TRY to make myself more familiar with them, you know? To at least know who wrote it.
    OF COURSE THERE ISN'T A BAD / GOOD WAY! Every comment is great! :) I just noticed I have a very strict format :)

    Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to commentת Lola!

  12. Wonderful to meet you too, Topaz! :)

    True. I could go 'round the blogsphere and randomly write "Great post!" and no one will be the wiser lol

    Well, I like all my comments simply because--hey, comments!!! But I totally understand you too. I get really excited when I get a comment, and there is nothing I can really get/reply to "Great post" so it just kind of sits there all lonely and forever alone lol

  13. I love your way of commenting. I can imagine it's time-consuming, but that way, you're letting the writer know that you've really read the post and that you appreciate what they wrote. Anyone would be lucky to get comments like that :)

    I'm a bit all over the place with my comments. Sometimes I'll write something a bit longer, sometimes it's a bit shorter, but I don't comment for the sake of commenting. If I don't have anything other than "Great review/post!" to say, I'll stay silent. But I do try to comment often and let people know that I like their stuff.

  14. Comments are the fuel to the fire of a blogger,huh?
    I don't think I actually have a system in commenting,but I try to make my comments as long and as friendly as possible.
    I use A. a lot.I make sure I use the blogger's name at least once,so it actually feels like I am talking to the person who wrote the post.
    Great post,Nitzan!

  15. I'm really glad you think it's a good way of commenting, Inge! :)

    I would like to think it makes the reviewer happy to receive my comments. I especially like when they comment back and a giant conversation ensues!

    I think that's great, Inge! It doesn't really matter how long your comment is, as long as you truly have something to say. You can write two sentences but have them super meaningful!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! It means a lot to me.