January 5, 2015

2015 Reading Challenges

I like reading challenges. I seldom follow through them, mostly due to laziness (I'm too lazy to post the reviews on the challenge itself, stupidly enough. It would make more sense if I actually, I don't know... was too lazy to do the challenge itself. But, I like to invent new levels of stupidness every day.)

Anyways, in this post, I'm going to gather all the challenges I've decide to participate at in 2015. Some of those are legitimate stuff, and some are personal challenges. I've opened a personal challenge on LeafMarks for each one of those, where you can trace my progress!

And yes, there is a ton. I'm counting on books fitting under more than one category. Don't call me a cheater, that's not nice!

1. Read Your Freebies! Reading Challenge

2015 Read Your Freebies Reading Challenge
The name is pretty self explanatory. As an avid freebie downloader, I have more free kindle books than I can possibly read - but I'm going to try my best to! I've decided to try my hand at super saver (50 books) to allow margin for my physical challenges as well.

This year, instead of having a shelf for the 2015 TBR Challenge, I've created two shelves for it - and titled it two different challenges. The first focuses on my physical shelves, and cleaning the books sitting on it from prior to 2015, and the second focuses on old kindle books, of which I have a ton. I pledged to read 20 of my physical oldies and 24 of my kindle ones, which puts it at 44 - the Sweet Summer Fling level in the TBR challenge

I usually only "buy" freebies on Kindle. Why? Because I don't believe in paying more than $4 (at the most) for a kindle book. If it costs almost as much as the paperback, I'll get the print copy, thank you very much. Not to mention many e-books cost more than a paperback. I mean, seriously? You don't spend any money on shipment, ink, paper, cover... there is no reason an e-book should cost that much!
But sometimes, when there are bargains and such, I cave and buy some books. This challenge is specifically for those cases - cause I want to read them, and I think they have slight priority over the freebies.

**Some of the books read for this challenge will also count toward the TBR challenge.**

4. The Book Buying Ban Challenge!
Relax, I'm not planning not to buy any books in 2015. I'm not suicidal, just broke. But it's not even the money I'm trying this challenge for. It's the TBR. THE TBR! I have about 60-80 unread books in my shelves. That's... too much for my comfort. I hate having unread books just sitting there. So, the purpose of this challenge is cut the number of unread books on my shelves by half.
How do I plan to do that?
By allowing myself to buy one book for every five physical books I read. That means that if I read 10 physical books in, say, January, I get to buy 2 new books! If I read only 5, I get to buy only one, and if I read less than five... no books for me that month :( I'll let you guys know how this challenge works out for me on a monthly basis.
Hopefully this time, unlike last year (where I put a 2 books per month ban on myself that lasted all of three days) I will succeed! (My wallet is hoping for this as well...)

5. 2015 Contemporary Challenge
I love contemporaries, so this is for me just fun challenge. I set my goal at Peony (15 books) just because this year I'd like to go easy on myself, and have the joy of seeing myself beat some goals, for a change.

6. Prequel-Sequel Challenge
As the name says, this is a challenge whose sole purpose is to get me to continue on some of the series I've started... I've set my goal at 40 points, roughly 20 books, which puts me at Amateur.
Fine my challenge here

7. Re-Read Challenge
The 2015 Re-Read Challenge

I'm a re-reader, and there are some books I've been dying to re-read for a while now. This challenge is for them. Mostly, it's so I wouldn't feel bad reading them again instead of newbies lol
For this challenge, I set my goal at a measly 12, one for each month.
I plan to re-read the Timber Wolves trilogy, Cinder, maybe the two first books of His Fair Assassins, On the Island, and books 3-5 of the Percy Jackson series. And probably Harry Potter. That's more than 12, so we'll see how it works lol
Find my challenge here

8. Flights of Fantasy Challenge

This challenge is, clearly, for Fantasy. I love fantasy, I read a ton of fantasy, and I figured - since I'm going to read it anyway, might join a challenge for it as well. My goal is 20 books, but I plan on passing that by a mile lol
Find My Challenge Here! 

**I know I have like three different kindle challenges, and that might be a little crazy. But the thing is, each of those challenges has a different focus, and I want to dedicate at least one book a month per challenge. Some will overlap, so I'm counting on that to help me succeed in my goals lol**


  1. Great idea!Some times I really can't write a proper review for a book.My feelings will be all over the place and it's hard to put in words.

  2. Great challenges.I am taking part in the TBR,Contemporary and Re reading challenge.So I guess I can get some recs out of you:)
    Good luck,Nitzan!

  3. Is there an official re-read challenge?

  4. In those cases I usually try really hard to write a review, because being so conflicted means there is SOMETHING to say about it, you know? I try to only not write a review when I truly feel like there's nothing to say :/
    Which happened A LOT with December lol

  5. Good luck with all of these challenges, Nitzan! I really like the sound of that Book Buying Ban Challenge, and I might just attempt it if I can find some willpower in me, haha!

  6. Thanks Katie!
    Willpower is a huge part of it--but so is an empty pocket. The fact I get about 100$ a month makes this kind of a crucial challenge for me. That, and the ever growing TBR pile that's glaring at me... ;)

  7. Thanks! Was planning on doing it with or without an official challenge, but if I can also enter a few giveaways on the way, I'm in! lol

  8. Good luck with all your challenges. Thanks for participating in the Read Your Freebies challenge!