December 23, 2014

Bookish Discussion: All That Drama

So, today I want to discuss with you contemporary romance series, and share what types I read and what type I don't on the most basic level.

As a rule, I don't read those kind of series that deal with the same couple throughout all the books. I cannot get enough of standalone series, and I enjoy them immensely but once I see the couple's story is not finished in that first installment... I'm put off. It's has stopped me from one clicking a freebie more than one time. 

Why? Because it means said couple just has to go through a TON OF DRAMA to hold more than one book. There are always going to be annoying issues, or misunderstandings, or popping secrets (or exes) or suddenly one will decide he's not good enough for the other after three books of being together just to sustain the interest of the reader...
I can't stand that. I rather know the HEA is going to be coming at the end of the book, and not a massive cliffhanger or a new pile of issues.

In fantasy series, there's usually a bigger plot arc that holds the story, allowing the couple to have less drama and more time in between, so I'm not only fine with one couple being the center of all books - I'm all for it. Especially if it's slow burn and develops over time, allowing me to really believe in the fiber of my bones that the two should be together. Same goes for mysteries and the likes; there's usually something else going on, so the couple needn't suffer from meaningless anguish.

But contemporary romances series? just LOTS OF SHIT going on, all the time. The couple is usually never happy for long, which tires me fast.

So I stir clear of all that.

What about you? Do you love same-couple based contemproray series, or are you like me - preferring standalones or standalone series?


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