January 8, 2014

Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill

Being Sloane Jacobs
Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill
Series: N/A
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Delacorte
Publication Date: January 7, 2014
Meet Sloane Emily Jacobs: a seriously stressed-out figure-skater from Washington, D.C., who choked during junior nationals and isn’t sure she’s ready for a comeback. What she does know is that she’d give anything to escape the mass of misery that is her life.

Now meet Sloane Devon Jacobs, a spunky ice hockey player from Philly who’s been suspended from her team for too many aggressive hip checks. Her punishment? Hockey camp, now, when she’s playing the worst she’s ever played. If she messes up? Her life will be over.

When the two Sloanes meet by chance in Montreal and decide to trade places for the summer, each girl thinks she’s the lucky one: no strangers to judge or laugh at Sloane Emily, no scouts expecting Sloane Devon to be a hero. But it didn’t occur to Sloane E. that while avoiding sequins and axels she might meet a hockey hottie—and Sloane D. never expected to run into a familiar (and very good-looking) face from home. It’s not long before the Sloanes discover that convincing people you’re someone else might be more difficult than being yourself.

I really wanted to love Being Sloane Jacobs, I really really wanted to. But I just... didn't. I guess I couldn't wrap my head around the concept, as potentially cute and adorable as it could have been, I felt like it fell a bit flat.

Sloane and Sloane were just... too much alike. You'd think that they would be polar opposites, because, hey. Alternating points of view + trading places just doesn't do all that great when they act similar. I mean, it was easy to tell them apart, but mostly because they each had a different cast of supporting characters. But... the secondary characters really weren't that filled out. And don't even get me started on the boys - what a bunch of drama queens! I just didn't care for either love interest.

Another issue that I had was skating. I really don't understand a lot of skating terms or just anything about it. Ice skating in general is just a mystery to me! Thankfully it really wasn't that over the top on skating - I mean, I never did figure out what an axel was... but... there's not a thing I can do about it.

The ending was pretty much unbelievable, but in a good way - in a fun, interesting way. All in all, Being Sloane Jacobs was a fun piece of fluff, but it's not particularly memorable. I'll be trying Lauren's Meant to Be, though!


  1. I was disappointed that I didn't love it as well! I still want to read MTB, it looks cute. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I actually thought this was way better than MTB as the male lead in that book is incredibly annoying. I also guess I have more of an interest in skating than you because the terms made sense to me.

    I looked up "axel" for you from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/axel :)

    Axel: a figure skating jump in which the skater leaps from the front outer edge of one skate into the air to make 1½ rotations of the body and lands on the back outer edge of the other skate.

  3. I haven't read MTB, so I wouldn't really know. Haha, I bet you do. I'm really not into very many sports, and I don't watch them on TV or whatever, because we don't get tv stations.

    Thanks! That wasn't necessary, but thank you! It sounds super complicated, though. O.O

  4. I've been really wanting to read this book and I'm still searching for an epub copy of it. Wow, by your review I started to understand the story, thanks! Nice review.