December 8, 2013

Scene It Sunday #2 - The Avox Girl

Scene It Sunday is an original feature started by me, here at The Book Babe's Reads. Do you remember that silly game that you used to play when you were younger, Scene It? It was a great trivia game. But let's get to the point... sometimes, I see book to movie adaptions that just leave something vital out. So, I've started a feature where I can showcase the differences that I've noticed. Hence, Scene it Sunday was born! I hope to make this a regular feature, so let me know what you think, and if you've seen something similar to this anywhere!

{Everything in this feature is potentially a spoiler. If you haven't read/watched this, and are planning on it, please skip this.}

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1)The Avox Girl, Book Scene:
(Katniss recognizes the avox girl at the first dinner, and remarks upon it. She is chastised by Effie and pretends that she was mistaken. This is her later explaining how she knows the girl to Peeta.)

" We were hunting in the woods one day. Hidden, waiting for game," I whisper.
"You and your father?" he whispers back.
"No, my friend Gale. Suddenly all the birds stopped singing at once. Except one. As if it were giving a warning call. And then we saw her. I'm sure it was the same girl. A boy was with her. Their clothes were tattered. They had dark circles under their eyes from no sleep. They were running as if their lives depended on it," I say.
"The hovercraft appeared out of nowhere," I continue to Peeta."I mean, one moment the sky was empty and the next it was there. It didn't make a sound, but they saw it. A net dropped down on the girl, and carried her up, fast, so fast like the elevator. They shot some sort of spear through the boy. It was attached to a cable and they hauled him up as well. But I'm certain he was dead. We heard the girl scream once. The boy's name, I think. Then it was gone, the hovercraft. Vanished into thin air. And the birds began to sing again, as if nothing had happened."

 The Avox Girl, Movie Scene:
If you watched the movie, I'm pretty sure that you already know that she wasn't in the movie at all. I always wondered why she was taken out, and looking around I actually found out that she was originally in the movie. When it came out, though, she had been removed. She went to the premiere and everything, expecting to be in the movie! How disappointing.

The reason that I decided to use this scene was because I've always liked the Avox girl. Her story with Katniss was always really interesting to me, and it was part of Peeta & Katniss beginning to trust each other. In the movie, I really don't feel like Peeta and Katniss got enough screen time together, which is why I think that they should have kept this scene, to help with the character development.

So, were you upset that they removed this scene? Vent to your hearts desire about the little changes between books and movies!


  1. Wow. Well, that must've been really disappointed for the actress to be taken out and not even knowing it.
    I wished she was in the movie too because I also really liked her character in the book.

  2. Haha, we've all been there! But it's just so disappointing! There's ONE shot of her in the movie, but originally she had a much bigger scene that they cut. :/ Very disappointing... thanks for commenting, girly! :)

  3. I bet that she was heartbroken! I really liked her in the book too - mostly I felt bad for her, though!

  4. That would suck to be all prepared to be in it and then have your scene cut! Especially THIS SCENE. There are always those few that get removed that it's like.. why.. WHY? It would have helped show even more how twisted the Capitol is... ~Chelle

  5. I know! I have no idea how the girl could stand it! I would DIE.It absolutely would've helped. From what they showed, it was corrupt, but not exactly the worst ever. Thanks for commenting! :)

  6. Truth to be told,I never paid attention to the absence of the avox girl in the movie,until you pointed it out:)However,I think maybe they should have included her as she's one of the symbols of Capitol's cruelty.

  7. Haha, well. I didn't even notice it until the third time I watched the movie, LOL. I definitely think that they should have kept her in - she symbolizes so much!

  8. Just how many times did you watch it?:)By the way,have you watched Catching Fire?

  9. Haha... four, maybe five? I have it on DVD, so I can watch it whenever! Actually, I haven't seen it yet! But it looks so good - I really want to see it! Have you? :)

  10. I don't know why,but DVDs never work for me.I always want someone next to me when I watch a movie,so watching a movie alone at home is not my thing.
    I've heard that it is really good.The movie isn't available here in my country yet:(But I am desperate to watch it.Can't wait to see Finnick:)

  11. I prefer to watch movies with other people too - it's more fun that way. But DVDs are the best option for me - going to the theater just costs too much!

    I've heard that it's amazing as well! I'm sorry. :/ Finnick is the hot missionary dude from Pirates of the Caribbean! (I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense, LOL.) But the actor who plays him is really adorable. :)

  12. But the problem is that I can never find people who are interested in book based movies.And none of my friends are into action,it's only me who loves them.They tease me for loving things that boys do.

    Yeah,I saw his pictures.I love Finnick-enough to the point of crying when he died-so I had high hopes for him in the movie.The actor does look hot.

  13. Haha, that sucks. Here, no one really cares (in my area) if it's based on a book or not. And my friends like action movies - most of us do, at least. ;) You're not alone, girly! I love them too. :)

    He's adorable! I just thought that Finnick was a good character - and funny. We've discussed my crying at books. ;) I hope that he does a good job! :)

  14. I know I am not alone,but considering my group of friends who like to watch sappy romance films and TV Series with a lot of drama,I am the odd one out with my love for adventure and action.
    Me too.I can't wait to see Anna too.I love them together,wished they got more scenes in the book.

  15. I like tv shows with lots of drama - when I can watch them on netflix. Sappy romance can be good sometimes - I love action movies, though! Have you seen Avengers and the other Marvel movies? (Based on comic books, but oh so awesome.)
    I actually can't remember who Anna is... all the more reason for a re-read! O.O

  16. I love Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl so I have to side with that too:)But still sometimes I can't tolerate them.I think it's because we don't have all that drama here in our school.Well,I study in a convent so just imagine my situation.
    I love Avengers.Whose your favourite?Mine is Thor.
    Oh no.You really need a reread:)Anna is Finnick's lover.The district 4 winner who becomes mad after seeing someone get killed in front of her.

  17. I actually have no interest in Gossip Girl - it's not my thing? But I plan on watching The Vampire Diaries eventually! It looks pretty good. Well, I think it's pretty awesome that your school isn't that drama filled. :) Haha it would suck. Convent? Is it a Catholic school? :)

    Hahaha YES, I love Thor too! But I love all of them - Captain America, Iron Man... HULK. I'm not such a big fan of Hawkeye or Black Widow, though. I DO think it's cool that Hawkeye is a self made hero, though. :) WAIT, I remember her now! But that's terrible! O.O

  18. It's really ridiculous sometimes.But I love watching Chace Crawford:)
    You should.I love Vampire Diaries.It's so thrilling and interesting.Have you read the series?
    Yep,it is.But it's not that bad.

    Why don't you like Black widow?I love their individual films too.Especially Thor.I love Loki:)
    I know right?I wished they got a HEA

  19. I don't really know who that is. LOL. I haven't read the series! Almost everything with vamps has been avoided by me - unless it sounds crazy good or I've been rec'd it. Oh, good! Catholic schools are always portrayed in the worst light - but I really never thought that they sounded that bad.

    I just.... not a big fan? I don't really know. I DO TOO. OH MY GOSH. I think that Thor & Captain America are my favorites, but I love the Iron Man's and Hulk too. :) LOL, everyone loves Loki. Something about him just pops! O.O EVERYONE deserves a HEA.

  20. You don't know who Chace Crawford is?My God,Meg I am really surprised:)
    Google him.Then tell me what you think.
    Well,I won't recommend reading the series,as they turn to be really disturbing in the middle.But the TV show is far more better than that.
    Why?Vampires are not that bad.I'll immediately recommend you Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series and I've heard that Julie Kagawa's Immortal Rules is also a great read.

    I don't why we tend to love creepy and weird guys in movies:)

  21. Um... nope? I don't really watch TV... LOL. I have netflix, it is my source of all entertainment besides movies! I don't know... he's not exactly my type

    Hahah, okay. I'll skip it, then! But I'll try to watch the show sometime. :) I've heard good things about all of those! The thing is, that every vamp book I ever read kind of disappointed me, so I just started avoiding them.

    I DON'T KNOW. It doesn't say good things for our personal choices, though!

  22. I mean,come on.Sparkling vampires?A guy who sneaks into your room at night and watches you sleep?(Which is really creepy by the way)It's not at all the perfect example.

  23. Yep, that's just creepy. I've been saying that forever - there's nothing less romantic than being watched WHILE YOU SLEEP by a boy that you DON'T KNOW. THERE IS NOTHING APPEALING ABOUT THAT. Ugh. I know it's not. I've read some good vampire books (The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda, and A Shade of Vampire was pretty good), so I do have other examples. LOL.

  24. When I hear some fans tell that the whole business of watching her while she's asleep is romantic,I just want to vomit.
    I haven't read either.What are they like?

  25. That is definitely vomit worthy. I wouldn't blame you a bit. O.O
    The Hunt shows a very grotesque society of vampires, where there is no "hepers" (the term for humans) around. They live in habitats and such. The humans that are "free" are forced to act like the vamps, for fear of being called out. It's crazy, really.

    A Shade of Vampire is also about a vampire society, but it's different. The guy is really what put me off a bit about this book - he's sort of creepy. But the writing is fairly good. :)

  26. Now that you mention it,it's been some time since I read some vampire book.Well besides the Bloodlines series:),maybe I should try out one soon.

  27. Hee hee. Maybe you should - you could test them all before I try them! ;P I'm very picky about vampires.