December 7, 2013

How I React to ARC's

Sometimes I would just kill for a particular ARC. And if I get it, of course I'm ecstatic and there's no killing my happiness - until I have to read it and review it and it's not really fun for whatever reason. Maybe I don't like the book, or the timing just isn't right in my life and it starts to feel like an obligation. "You asked for this, Megan. Now read it."

But the big thing is this: I don't deserve any particular ARC, and I'm jealous if other bloggers get it. That's normal. But is it normal to kind of wish that you didn't get it once it's all said and done? Don't get me wrong, I love ARC's, but I don't love the obligation that comes with them. I just don't exactly know how to react to it. My reactions go kind of like this (now in supa-cool bullet point format):

  • Eeeeee they said I would get the book OMG I'm so happy I've never been happier OMG time to freak the heck out and flail around my room!
  • Receives ARC: OMG IT SO PRETTY I'M GONNA DIE. *euphoric mode* *stunned* *so happy that they like me*
  • Reading time: do I really have to read it now? I mean, I really want to but... there's so many other books that have been around longer and I don't know... I need to read it soon. *feels obligated* *reads book*
  • Emails publicist about my review... is unsure as to whether they'll be upset or happy about my review. This part also involves a lot of sweaty palms and quite a bit of "what if I'm being annoying and they really don't like me?"'s.
  • Let the book rot. Or gather dust. Because once I have the ARC, I kind of don't know what to do with it... like, do I keep it? Burn it, throw it away, give it to some other blogger who wants to read it? WHAT DO I DO?
Well, that's where I have the most trouble. I've read it and reviewed and gave it the loving attention that it deserved, even if I ignored other books just to read it. Now... exactly what should I do with it? I've toyed with the idea of giving them to the librarians' at my local library, but I haven't done that. Of course, if I like it, it receives a semi-permanent place on my shelves... but for whatever reason I always feel kind of guilty about that.

I mean, I might have bought that book with my own money had I not received an ARC. Should I buy a hardcover/paperback anyway? I toy with replacing all of my ARC's with finished copies all the time. They simply don't match the other books if I choose to continue a series (which personally kills me!) and they just don't last very long...

So. If I do happen to replace them (has yet to happen, but since I've started reading more E-ARC's, I'm having to replace them if I want to re-read them - not gonna lie, I actually love that, because it gives me options); if I didn't like the book, I just delete and I never have to see it again! If I loved it, I can buy a nice, new, shiny book whenever I feel like it and not feel guilty for wasting money on a book that I already (technically) have.

But I still haven't really answered myself - what do I do with those ARC's that I don't like? I'm not even sure if there's really options. It seems sacrilege to throw them away (I had to do that once with a ruined book, and I still almost cried), but like... there's nothing else to do with them. I guess that I could trade them, but once finished copies are available... that's what everyone wants, and what everyone should honestly be reading. Less editorial mistakes and all that jazz.

So, that kind of rules out trading (although I could still try!) as an option. Next option - Donate them to ARCycling. I've done this once or twice, but I kind of think that recently... well, "bigger" bloggers have been taking advantage of this program. That's why I dropped out, because I felt that I was taking opportunities from others by being a part of it. I might still donate, though!

Next - a big giveaway. Potentially a good idea, but at the point the books I've got have been out for a while, I'd kind of like to give away finished copies for giveaways. That way you'll never have to second-guess the editing or how long your book is going to last.

Essentially, this is what makes me question the fact that I even want them - I mean, is it really that big of a status symbol? Does it matter? Everyone has access to netgalley and it's oh-so-easy. It personally makes me feel less guilty about ARC's, and I can go kind of trigger happy with it. (I'm working on that. I'm doing okay so far!)

What are your views on this subject, and your "reactions" to ARC's? I just don't know what to do with mine - do you?


  1. I didn't know about ARCycling. I looked it up and it sounds interesting, but I'm outside of the US and Canada, so... yeah. Useless to me. I have ARCs and some of them I really didn't like. There's one book that I didn't even manage to finish. But I tend to keep them. If I have physical copies, I keep all books even if I didn't like them. That's because I just love books too much to get rid of them, and because I also like to lend them to my friends in case they want to read them. Maybe they will like a book I didn't like.

    I've seen that many bloggers organize giveaways with ARCs, and I think that is actually a good idea if you don't want to keep them because you want to buy finished copies. To me it doesn't matter much if it is an ARC or a finished copy, although I might also buy the finished copy if I really really loved the book. But I keep them both. :D Soon I won't have any space left in my bookcase, I know.

    Oana @All Fantasy Worlds

  2. It's not like I want or don't want a button... I just don't have an opinion xD I'm indifferent about buttons :3

    You're welcome! I live to serve <3

  3. Haha, you're Switzerland, then. :P Can I thumbs up that comment? LOL.

  4. I'm a Swarzerland, actually *wink* (get it? Because my last name is Schwarz? lol)
    I think you can xD

  5. (OMG I laughed at that. Werewolves books only... fetish? xD Honestly, though, a werewolf reading only would be a step up from what I currently have. i.e: no reading at all friends.
    Wait, don't die of it! How are we supposed to discuss books if you die?!)

    Oh, right. Well, overall that didn't bother me much - though I was hoping they'd get together sooner, too :)

    Wow. WOW. WOW. That's... some statistic. First of all - I envy your total reads xD makes me wish I would have found goodreads sooner, and that I never let high-school suck me out of reading. Water under the bridge now, though; better late than never.
    And you're definitely harder to impress. Which means I'll have to look out for your 5 star books all that more, because they'er so rare ;)

  6. Oh, okay then. Phew, I thought I was missing some evil plot or something!

  7. I only have gotten maybe two physical arcs because I live in Belgium. That kinda sucks most of the time. But by now I'm over it. Of course there's always NetGalley and Edelweiss if I really want an arc badly (of course if they decide to accept me for it, which isn't much xD) but if I really want the finished version in paperback or hardback I don't mind waiting until it's out. :D

  8. I agree with many aspects of this! I go through the same strong desire to have a certain ARC and go through the steps of ARC envy when you see someone else with it. Then there's the moment when you see it and feel like you're on a cloud. Now this is when it depends. Sometimes the fun gets sucked out of it because I'm not in the mood to read it, but I do want to read...but don't. It's confusing, I agree. BUT here's my suggestion for getting rid of the ARCs: give them away. I don't always because I don't have enough money to always spend $3 for every ARC (why I don't always participate in YA Book Exchange or donate to ARCycling). But I think it's very fun to send an ARC to another blogger who has been wanting that same ARC and wasn't able to snatch a copy.

    It's like spreading the ARC love :) But yes, I do think it's a lot of a status symbol. "Oh, that blogger has that ARC, they're SPECIAL. I don't have that ARC so I must not be as good, etc."

  9. I don't have any physical ARCs, so I can't exactly give you an honest answer, but I do see myself keeping them. I'm terrible with giving books away. I hate to do it. Plus, I feel like even if I end up not liking the book, it's still something precious to me. Yes, before you ask, I keep even the books I end up hating that I bought for myself. Like I said, I feel bad if I give books away. But the obligation to read that you talked about, I have felt that thanks to netgalley and honestly, this is why I've decided not to use it anymore. Or to accept review requests. I dread that moment of DNFing a book I received for review and I honestly don't want to go through it again.
    But yes, I'd keep the ARCs even if I didn't like them. And hey, who knows, maybe decades from now, when paperbacks are extinct because of the electronic devices, they'll end up in a museum (I'm exaggerating here. Don't judge, it's past midnight and I've been studying all day so my brain is kind of fuzzy :P )

  10. (LOL, we have a tv. We just don't have any tv channels... like, at all. I guess we live too far out, and we don't have cable or anything. We just have a bunch of movies, and we have Netflix. Laugh at them like "haha this is so ridiculous" or "haha this is actually funny and entertaining"?)

    I hate that too. But there really is not a thing that you could say.

    Hahaha yes I very much love your humbleness. One of your best traits. ;) At least they all understand, and agree to share you equally! ;)

  11. I guess so - I think it has more to do with the fact that they're the only books that she's ever enjoyed, though. I will seriously not question her if she's reading. :P I DON'T KNOW. That's just how I communicate my excited/sometimes scared-ness. ;)

    Hey, what bothers some people just doesn't bother others. And now it's one of my favorite books... so... ;) It obviously won me over.

    I guess so. It kind of depressed me, to tell you the truth! I always wondered about my five star ratio... but... I didn't think it was that low! Definitely better late than never! I, for one, am glad that you got back into reading and have a blog now! <3

    Aww I don't know whether to thank you or laugh at that statement. But I hope that you do read some of them! :)

  12. That makes sense. I'm sorry, though! Netgalley is a great resource, but I'm afraid to use Edelweiss... don't know why, LOL. I hear a lot of people saying it's amazing. I agree - if I want a finished copy, I'll just buy it! :)

  13. That's a really good description - on a cloud! I know that feeling exactly, I have no desire to read, but I want to sink into a fictional world for a while. That pretty much describes it. I'd love to have the money to do that all the time! I'm thinking about giving books to lots of people, just randomly though. I've told a few people that they could come over and pick one if they wanted, but none have taken me up on it. :/

    It's totally a status symbol. I actually wish that it wasn't such a big deal!

  14. I'm really bad about giving books away too! I just... don't like to. I'm such a hoarder. I DO NOT keep the books that I dislike, though. I can't get rid of a lot of those fast enough - I launch them away, LOL. That's a really good decision, actually. I wish that I could bring myself to just cut it off completely - but I want it too much. I'm not as strong. ;) I never DNF, though. :/ Another thing I can't do.

    Hahaha I'm sorry that you've been studying! And I'm totally not judging - though I do really hope that never happens. O.o

  15. If I love the ARC, I keep it. I like to think of it as a collector's item. :) If I didn't love the ARC, I save them for a giveaway, so they can go to the home of another person who might really enjoy them, and they can help spread the word. I asked my librarian, he said that they can not accept ARC's. They say that they are for review purposes only.

  16. I keep them if I like them too, I just always feel kind of guilty about it. That's what I've got several of mine saved for right now, but I'm not really sure that anyone will want them. :/ That sucks! I was going to see if they could read them and decide whether they wanted to order that particular book. :/

  17. I know exactly how you are feeling like.I've only started to get ARCs since August,and all of them have been eARCs so far,but still I can understand the obligation of reading it.I never write review for the ARCs I hated,because I don't want to hurt the feelings of the people who gave it to me.So there comes the additional need to make the review praise the book as much as I can.
    By the way,if you are trying to trade ARCs,try out YA Book Exchange.Or else,I'd love to trade books with you.

  18. It's a big obligation, isn't it? I'm so into my Netgalley reads - I feel like I have to read them! I do, because I'm mean like that... but I always feel kind of bad when I leave a bad review. :/ I don't really feel the "praise as much as I can" thing, but I do try to like them. And I don't really care for that feeling, although I'm thrilled when I do love them!

    I'm on YA Book Exchange - and I haven't used it very much recently. I should get back into it! If you'd like me to, I can send you a list of what I have. :)

  19. Netgalley is addicting,right?:And I agree,I desperately want to love it when I read an ARC.But there are also instances where I end up enjoying it a lot.
    Really?I'd love to.Give me a list and I'll let you know if I am interested in any.By the way,you do ship internationally,right?

  20. It very much is! I try to keep myself from looking at the new titles... but every stinking time! It definitely goes both ways for me too - everyone wants to love a book, but not everyone does! LOL.

    Oh, I'll give you a list when you email back! Sorry about that - I totally forgot when I was writing you an email this morning. :/ And sure! I've shipped to Sri Lanka before - it didn't set me back too badly, so we're good. :)

  21. No matter how huge my read-to-review pile is ,it never stops me from requesting more:)
    Oh,it's okay.
    Wait,was the book you traded an ARC of You Against Me?

  22. LOL, it's quite the impulse, isn't it? I sent you a list - don't worry if you don't see anything that you'd like! :)

    Um... yes! I thought it was you - your blog looked different then! Your header had a girl on it? Is there something wrong with the book? Does it smell like cigarettes? :/

  23. Yeah,it's me:)Yes,when I started my blog,I didn't know anything about template.It looked really crappy,right?Thank God for Christine who did my template.
    No why?I loved the book actually.It was so heartbreaking.How was Alice in Zombieland?