September 17, 2013

Character Interview: Em from All Our Yesterdays

I am so, so happy to have Em here today for y'all! She's the main (and my favorite) character in All Our Yesterdays. She's a total badass, and I completely wanna be like her. But anyway, please welcome her and understand that she's a little bit uncomfortable answering questions.

Favorite color?

I used to love pink. Now I’d just be happy to see anything other than the blue of my prison uniform and the white walls of my cell.

Skittles or M&M's?

Oh my God, candy! I haven’t had anything sweet in months. I would kill someone for some peanut butter M&Ms right now.

Who explained the time paradox theory to you, and how?

I’m sorry, I don’t talk about him.

Do you remember anything at all from your previous trips back into time?

No. The person who made those trips had my face, but she wasn’t me. More than a dozen different versions of me that I’ll never know have broken out of this cell.

Describe yourself and Finn in three words.

Together in everything.

Favorite book & movie from before?

Ironically, my favorite book used to be A Wrinkle in Time, but I don’t think I could ever read it again knowing what I know now about time travel. My favorite movie was The Breakfast Club.

*Woot, love A Wrinkle in Time!*

What is it like in the prison?

Hours and hours of boredom punctuated by moments of extreme terror. If it weren't for Finn’s voice next door, I would have given up months ago.

What's your favorite memory of before?

All the best times in my old life have become the most painful to remember now. They just remind me of what I’ve lost, so I try not to think about before.
Cristin Terrill
A Little about the author:
 Cristin Terrill is a young adult author and aspiring grown-up. She grew up semi-nomadic and graduated from Vassar College with a degree in drama. After getting her masters in Shakespeare Studies from the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, she lived in London, Austin, Boston, and Washington, DC while working as a theatrical stage manager. Now she writes and leads creative writing workshops for DC-area kids and teens. All Our Yesterdays is her first novel.

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