June 13, 2013

When is Promotion *TOO* much?

This is a subject that Lizzy from Read-a-HolicZ brought up. Hence, she's totally joining me for this topic! YAY FOR LIZZY! You'll find her take below mine. (:

First off, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't know about this case; but it turns out that the Divergent tumblr fan pages have been using the same campaign for everything from their cover reveal to the faction symbols. They're making people like the tumblr pages. o.O You'd think that by now, everyone would be tired of doing it (and believe me, they are), but they keep using the same strategy.

To make matters worse, the faction symbols are exactly the same as before, only in a new color. How lame is that? Lame enough that I just said lame. But her bringing this up made me think of another instance of promotion gone wrong. (Dun dun dah...)

The Marcus Finch campaign.

I'm sure we all remember when that was happening. The endless mob of posts about it, and to this day I still have no idea who Marcus Finch even is! I don't have a clue, because as I was being mobbed by those posts, I avoided every one of them. Nothing against any blogger who participated, but I didn't care who Marcus Finch was.

If I had only seen one or two posts about it, I might of cared. But after the barrage, I had no interest.

Which begs the question...how much is too much? Marcus Finch was too much. The DIVERGENT thing is too much. But I've also seen plenty of campaigns with way too little. Plenty of books that get passed by because no one ever hears about them. So there's too little campaign and then there's too much. The line between them isn't too fine.

But are blog tours too much? Sometimes I see the same blog tour/promo blast on a bazillion blogs in the same day. And I don't want to look at them either, unless I know for sure that it's a review and not just a regurgitated guest post. I'll read it if I'm interested in the book and love the blogger, but if I'm not I will not click it.

So, when has promoting gone too far in your opinion? Do you remember the Marcus Finch campaign? Let me know in the comments below! (:

Hey Everyone! As Megan has already stated there is such a thing as TOO much promotion. I get that you have to promote books to a certain level or no ones going to know about them or read them. Believe me I was okay with the Insurgent campaign but there was just SO much that went on, I didn't know what was happening. Then I saw they were doing the "new" faction symbols and went to twitter.

I really don't know why the BIG fuss. Yes, it's nice to include fans into aspects of promotion but at times I feel it's too much for just one book (no matter how awesome it is). I remember the Marcus Finch campaign too and I hadn't even read the 2nd or third book in the series and was thoroughly confused. It was so much hype for someone I hadn't read about.

I feel like when one book is getting promoted too much I'm less likely to be interested in it. It's like they take up so much of the cyberspace that when a small book campaign comes up, you tend to miss it because the bigger campaign takes all the attention.

I know that promoting a book can be fun and all but when a book is already pretty big and well known, you can't promote it too much. It starts to feel smothering. Right now theres the whole #AllegiantTour promotion thing to bring the tour to your state. Nice but isn't a tour going to go to most places already? And it's not going to your city , it's your state.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just weird but it feels like you're trying too hard to put a book into a readers hand when you do too much promoting. It might even do the opposite and push readers away. Which is definitely not good O_O

So that's my two cents. Thanks Megan for letting me stick my head in here :) And I really wanna hear what YOU GUYS think of too much promotion. How many of you are in on the #AllegianTour campaign right now? (I am, I know it's too much promo but I can't help it! >.< I am die-hard fan too :P)

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