May 11, 2013

What I think About *GFC*

Just recently (today, actually!) I was reading a post by Ashley from NoseGraze about whether or not your GFC followers are *actually* reading your posts. It's a fabo piece of info if you wanna click that link up there and look at it. But anywho, yes. I totally agree with her! Have I ever once followed a blog on GFC just because I wanted to? Well, yes. I have, actually-- but that's not the point! Most recently, I've crazily gone through my dashboard and just deleted everyone who I don't read. Did I feel bad? Yes. But it also helped me out a lot.

I was no longer seeing posts that I had no interest in. It's due to be cleaned up again soon, but I'll probably just leave it-- for one reason and one reason only: I rarely (if ever!) scroll through my dashboard anymore. If I truly want to follow your blog, I'm following by email or RSS. Maybe even both! Because that just works better for me.

But you see that number over there? --->

Yeah, the one above the GFC widget. I mean, there's Google Plus over there too, but I'm not even sure what that's even for. BUT! That GFC number? I'd trade it any day for email or RSS subscribers. If I had that many, I would die of the awesome. Maybe GFC is your M.O. But what if just once, you made an effort to follow a blogger you really like through a different method? You might actually like it! Anywho, that's my "two cents". In short, I'd actually love for you to follow via Email or RSS, but it's no big deal if you don't. GFC is going away anyhow (I actually hope for this. It's clunky and I dislike it.), and if it does I'll have an excuse to remove it. Until then, it will be here, though.

But if you unfollow me via GFC and follow by another method? I will LOVE you forever, just sayin'. Not that I don't love you now, if you're reading this.

What do you think?
When you follow a blog and read their every post, how do you follow?
Clarification: I just don't like GFC. I'm not trying to put anyone down for using it/liking it. It's just not for me, you know? I'm so grateful that you even decided to follow me at all: like this much!! *HUGGLES* This was just kind of a spur-of-the-moment "IMO" kind of post-- but I'm loving all the feedback, guys! (:

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  1. I have to be honest here. Reading my blogger feeds on my dashboard is the number one way I look at blogger posts. I guess I'm an outlier. I've tried bloglovin and feedly. They are pretty good. Its just not as easy to access for me as my dashboard is. I also don't understand RSS feeds. Can you explain them too me or direct me to a link where I can understand them more. One thing I know for sure, I'm not a fan of following anyone by email. I get so many emails already, I can't imagine getting anymore. Not to mention I'm an email packrat. I have a difficult time deleting them! lol.....