January 7, 2013

Brianna on the Brink by Nicole McInnes

Brianna on the Brink
Title: Brianna on the Brink
Author: Nicole McInnes
Series: N/A
Source: Publisher for Review
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Date: January 7, 2013
Popularity didn't come easily for sixteen-year-old Brianna Taylor. She didn't wear the right clothes or come from the right family. In fact, she didn't come from any family at all, unless you counted Jolene, who just wasn't that much into being a mom. So when Brianna joins the cheerleading squad, she finds herself suddenly popular. But then a one-night stand has life altering consequences, and Brianna must accept help from the one person closest to her mistake.
No longer in control, Brianna must reevaluate all that she thought was important and learn the true meaning of family.
I don't really know what to say about this one--I did like it, and it was amazing sometimes, but other times I just found myself thinking that it was a bit cliched...slightly traveling along with the sludge pile, and being everything that people say a good young adult novel should be. I'm not saying that it sucked or anything, I'm just saying that I would have loved more complexities.

I'm not saying that simple stories don't rock, I'm just a fan of complexities. I did almost die of laughter on the very first page, though. Speaking of which, the author clearly has a sense of humor, and I enjoyed that.

Brianna herself was a pretty good character, but I just...I didn't understand a lot of her decisions. I feel like she could've handled them differently, and that it would've been better if she had. I understand that she's supposed to be a troubled teenager and all, but yeah. Sometimes she seemed a bit too troubled, then other times she bounced back to a normal, albeit pregnant, teenage girl.

Another complaint that I have is that Brianna was the only character that had great character development. Jane was pretty good, but all of the others seemed a bit flat, and I could use a bit more background on all of them. I did totally love the ending, though! It ended so peacefully, with all the loose ends tied up nicely. I just...I needed  more complex characters, with more complex stories.

All in all, I would recommend Brianna on the Brink as a light read, for people who love simple books.
"Now I realize it has nothing to do with me not being lovable, that maybe both their hearts were broken a long time ago and didn't heal quite right. That maybe they just don't know how to love very well themselves." ~ Pg. 164, ARC


  1. Aww, I hate when you can't truly connect with a character. I don't mind seeing them make mistakes but sometimes it just doesn't work. This does have an interesting premise though. Great review! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my post!

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    1. I do too-- it seems like so many characters could be identified with, then you read it and realize that you just can't connect with them. :( I don't mind mistakes either-- it usually makes me like a book more, but this one just wasn't working for me. Thank you!

      You're welcome! (:

  2. I totally get what you mean. Simple stories are sometimes just too simple. I like complex characters and situations too. Not understanding a character's decision could be bad and especially when its the MC. I like the sound of the book. Great Review! :)

    1. Well, thank you. I totally agree-- I like simplicity, but only in small doses. Complex characters just make my day! It is kind of bad. You should read it! Maybe you'll like it a lot more than I did! Thanks, girly! (:

  3. Oh no, flat characters are no fun! Thanks for the great review. I will be picking this one up and I'm interested to see how my ideas relate to yours.


    1. I agree! I won't say that these characters were completely flat, but they could've had some more development. I'm interested too! I'll be reading your review! (: