November 19, 2012

Thankful For... + Giveaway

Hi guys! I'm participating in Book Brats 's Epic Giving Thanks Scavenger Hunt! Yay! So, here are the most bookishly bookish couples that I'm thankful for. In no particular order, of course. :)
  1. Tris and Four from Divergent
  2. Bianca and Wesley from The DUFF
  3. Evie and Jericho from The Diviners
  4. Doug Fox and Zoey from Forget You
  5. John After and Meg from Going Too Far
  6. Belly and Conrad from The Summer Series
  7. Mirabelle and Blue from Kill Me Softly
  8. Sam and Jordan from Catching Jordan
  9. Samantha and Jase from My Life Next Door
  10. Luke and Ricki Jo from Queen of Kentucky
That's it, y'all! These here are the best characters to have ever made a place in our lives. 

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