November 26, 2012

Novel Thoughts #2

Welcome to the second Novel Thoughts! Novel Thoughts is a bi-weekly event, where we discuss what needs to be discussed, and what needs to be said will be said. Join in if you'd like! (:

This week's question is:
If you could live in the world of any book, which would it be? And which fictional world would scare you the most if you woke up there tomorrow?

My Answer:

Hmm, this is definitely a hard question. I think that a lot of fictional worlds would scare me to pieces. Literally. And there's a lot of worlds that I would just love to live in, so this will be hard. I think that I would love, and I mean LOVE to live in the world of Divergent by Veronica Roth. I think that it's my first choice because...well, I love that book so very much--it's totally worth reading. So, I would live there, because I would love to see how their society really functions, and just to be a Dauntless--I'm cray like that. I mean, seriously though. Who wouldn't? Even if the book is dystopian, it's also totally cool. I honest to goodness, would probably never get bored there. One thing I'd miss, though? Internet. I need you peoples! (:

The fictional world that would scare me the I think I'm gonna go with This is Not a Test's crazy freaking zombiefied world. Zombies are scary--or maybe The Book of Lost Things's twisted fairytale world. It's definitely a tie between those two.

So, my lovely peoples. What would YOU choose?

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  1. AWESOME post Megs. I would love to live in Divergent too! That'd be seriously epic. OH GOSH. Now I'm scared to go read This is Not a Test. It sounds freaky. But I' heard only awesome so I probably will. Haha . Plus I've been in a weird Zombie kick lately. WOOT.
    XOXO, Inky

    1. It would be amazingly epic--I can't even tell you! READ IT. It's not exactly scary, it's one of those things where it would be really scary to live there, but it wasn't a scary book. It's only scary if you're sitting there thinking, "Hey, this might happen tomorrow." Me too!

      Hugs, Megan. (:

  2. I'd want to either live in the world of Eon/Eona or Stormdancer. Since mythological creatures reside in both :)

    *sorry had to edit*

    1. I haven't read either, but I literally DYING to get my hands on Stormdancer--the cover is so pretty, and I love mythology! Thanks for commenting. (:

      *it's fine*

  3. Ahh, I can totally see the Divergent attraction! (Although if it had been me instead of Tris, there would be no book, because I'd be like "Um, jumping out of trains? Nooo thank you. I'll just be over here chilling in Abnegation and wearing gray for the rest of my life. Yeeeah.")

    Ahh, we both picked zombie books! The day the zombie apocalypse starts, you'll probably be able to find me in my bed, hiding under my covers and cursing myself for not finishing all the zombie series I started so I know how to get rid of them all in the end. ;)

    1. IT's AWESOME. (Really, I think I would've been like, "Hey, train jumping! I'm game!" BUT THEN YOU WOULD BE FACTIONLESS, CHEY. That would really suck, if ya know what I mean. Have you seen the COLLECTORS EDITION's of Divergent and Insurgent?? PRETTY.)

      Yes, if I happen to go looking for you, that is where I will look. On another note, why didn't you ever finish? It could have been valuable info, Chey! For shame. :P