June 29, 2012

Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield

Amelia Anne is Dead and GoneAn arresting un-coming-of-age story, from a breathtaking talent.

Becca has always longed to break free from her small, backwater hometown. But the discovery of an unidentified dead girl on the side of a dirt road sends the town--and Becca--into a tailspin. Unable to make sense of the violence of the outside world creeping into her backyard, Becca finds herself retreating inward, paralyzed from moving forward for the first time in her life.

Short chapters detailing the last days of Amelia Anne Richardson's life are intercut with Becca's own summer as the parallel stories of two young women struggling with self-identity and relationships on the edge twist the reader closer and closer to the truth about Amelia's death.

My Thoughts/Review:

It was amazing. I loved it. The author has interweaved the lives of two completely different girls, with completely different stories into one. It was actually kind of haunting, to tell you the truth. I just couldn't barely put it down, because I was way too invested into the story itself. I can't really say the same for the characters, because there was only a couple that I was interested in knowing more about, but what's the harm in that? Absolutely none, because the one's that I wanted to know more about were the one's capitalized on! That was amazing.

I was completely drawn in by the concept of a girl that nobody knew being murdered, and nobody knowing who did it or why. Because coming from a town where everybody knows everything about everyone else, and there can't be a crime without everybody knowing who done it, that was very intriguing, and something I've never really read about before. Who wants to read about murder? (Okay. You caught me. I do.) But the author did it in such a beautiful way, that it's kind of easy to forget that it's a book about murder. (Not really, I just wanted to give you a reason to not be scared to read it). It is, however, very easy to get so caught up in this book that you forget what time it is. (Guilty.)

It was so dark and twisted that it just made me drool at all the talent that the author displayed. The intertwining of characters, the complete disregard for what is 'acceptable' in YA literature, for not being afraid to put sex and cussing in a YA book. It was just too beautiful. Because of the story, and the characters, and the completely surprising ending, yeah. I loved it. And now that you've listened to me rave and ramble for a bit, I love you guys for enduring! Read it. I have jedi mind powers. Read. It. Maybe I don't. Read it anyway! :)

A thousand epic quotes were within this novel, but it won't be released until.........

July 5, 2012

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