May 8, 2012

What We Keep is Not Always What Will Stay by Amanda Cockrell

What We Keep Is Not Always What Will Stay
Fifteen-year-old Angie never used to think much about God—until things started getting weird. Like the statue of St. Felix, her secret confidante, suddenly coming off his pedestal and talking to her. And Angie's mother, who's busting up her third marriage for no apparent reason. Then there's Jesse Francis, sent home from Afghanistan at age nineteen with his leg blown off. Now he's expected to finish high school and fit right back in. Is God even paying attention to any of this?

Against the advice of an increasingly vocal St. Felix (who knows a thing or two about war), Angie falls for Jesse—who's a lot deeper than most high school guys. But Jesse is battling some major demons. As his rages start to become more frequent and unpredictable, Angie finds herself losing control of the situation. And she's starting to wonder: can one person ever make things right for someone else?

My Thoughts/Review:

Well, that is one mouthful of a title, ain't it? And I don't really understand it. One line from a poem, and that becomes the title? Hmm. I really enjoyed Angie's character, because she was quirky in all the right ways, and really had a voice of her own. I don't really get why they needed a character as screwed up as Jesse, though. Cause he was completely screwed up. He's paranoid, he's abusive, and he's downright insane. I just don't understand the need for him in the book. I guess he's a part of it, but I still really hate him.

Also, it was nice for once to read about a girl who wasn't
A. Obsessed with a random dude,
or B. Suicidal
That's always a plus, right? In my world it is. Moving on. There's really no plot, but for a plotless book it was alright. Didn't move too fast, was cute enough, and I lived through it. Not something I'll be recommending, but I lived.

                                                                  Favorite Quote:
"I felt like an impostor," I said. "I'm not holy."
"You are to me," Jesse said. Really quietly, so I almost didn't hear him. "When things get bad, I'll think about you in that starry cloak. You'll be my talisman."

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