May 1, 2012

Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn

The ultimate historical romance: one love story unfolds over many centuries and many lives in this captivating pageturner from Suzanne Weyn.

From prehistory to the present, theirs was a love for the ages. It starts with a fight in a cave over an elusive green jewel . . . and then travels over time and lives to include Egyptian slaves, Greek temples, Massachusetts witch trials, Civil War battlefields, Paris on the eve of World War II, America in the 1960s . . . and a pair of modern-day teenagers. For readers who believe that love is stronger than time or death, this is an unforgettable novel from a wonderful storyteller.

My Thoughts/Review:

Well, I can't really say anything about the characters, because they were changing all the time.(Duh. Reincarnation.) Just that it was really odd when they came back as the opposite genders, or when one of them was the baby of the other, ya know, normal things.(?!) Now it's supposed to be a romance, and I get that, it's just really confusing when all the main characters names and age and all different kinds of stuff keep changing. Their injuries and stuff keep following them into different lives! I don't get that. Anyways, it was actually really cool to read, because the subject of reincarnation almost never comes up in YA books, and if it does, it usually ends up being some twisted weird book. This wasn't, really, it's just not normally something I would read. When I was younger, (I've read this book twice.) I thought it was all terribly romantic, but now it just kind of doesn't seem all that romantic. I mean, I guess it kind of is, following each other through dozens of lives, and loving each other in almost every one, but it's kind of a confusing subject matter. It was entertaining, but you should only read it if you know what your getting yourself into.



  1. Hi!
    Thank you so much for your review! Glad to read this before I went ahead and borrow it from the library!
    I just started a reading blog, please take a look! Thanks

    1. Haha, I enjoyed the book, but you just got know before you read something, right? :)

    2. A book that involves changing characters? Wow! It's like Doctor Who all over again. Thanks for the review!!!


    3. Haha, yeah, it's a little odd to read a book where all the characters are changing all the time. :)