May 8, 2012

Fix Me by Rune Michaels

Fix Me
Orphaned as a child, terrorized by her abusive brother, and haunted by memories, Leia feels exposed, powerless, and vulnerable. When her tormented mind can stand it no longer, she escapes to the zoo, where she finds shelter and seeks refuge. The zoo is a sanctuary: a protective space for families, and a safe place for the traumatized to forget. But can she ever feel safe? Can she ever forget?
Once again, Rune Michaels brings us a harrowing psychological drama that raises questions about the very nature of humanity. This chilling tale will challenge our preconceptions of family, memory, and self, leaving readers wondering, are we the pinnacle of evolution—or are we just animals on display?

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My Thoughts/Review:

This book was very interesting, and it pulled you in very quickly, but there was just so many loose ends that never tied up. That was what made the book so interesting, because of the mystery surrounding why she is the way she is, but you never really figured it out. You maybe had an idea of what was going on, but it was never confirmed, or even denied. And if I'm right, no wonder this girl is so weird. *shudder*

I loved how she had a dream about working at the zoo, and she actually got to work and live at the zoo. That was amazing. But there was so many character relationships that could've been capitalized on that weren't, and so many things that happened that didn't really make sense. Because how is it that you can live in a zoo for months, and never get discovered? Because that just seems very improbable to me.

Another thing, why is her brother so mean to her? Because, what kind of a brother is mean like that to his sister? And what kind of an aunt doesn't get a brother like that out of the house? That was never answered either. He just kind of faded into the background of the book, and didn't show up again til about the end.

There's just so many things that didn't really add up at the end of this book, but I still liked it, because the author has some talent for writing, but not much for communicating exactly what needs to be said.

                                                                 Favorite Quote:
The mirror cracks, the fractures stretching out from the middle. I shake the mirror, but none of the pieces fall out of the frame, and I lift it up and look. This is the right way for me to look into the mirror. The only way. When it is broken too.


  1. Great review! Congrats on 50 followers! (I'm currently stalking your blog, FYI.) I completely love that quote, and how it goes so well with the cover!

    1. Thanks! Stalk away! :)
      It goes perfectly with the cover, don't it?
      I just had it in my library book pile, and I had to read it after you gave it some cover love. :)