May 24, 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Award!

Hey Guys! I'm back to tell you that Angelique from On a Faraway Bookshelf has nominated me for the beautiful blogger award! (Aww, thanks Angelique!) And since I'm so excited to have received this, I'm gonna answer the questions, and send out some nominations! :)

So, first, I believe there is Seven questions that need to be answered about me.
They are......Seven things you never knew about me (and probably never need to know.)

1. My best friend and I have an ongoing joke that has to do with a boy that we were standing next to, when we suddenly started saying 'rubber duck' back and forth at each other. (Yes, we're weird.)

2. I collected coins when I was younger, but stopped because I was running out of room to put them.

3. I love cereal. Always have, always will. it doesn't even really matter what kind of cereal.

4. I am the biggest fan of hard rock. Make that music in general. All music. Love it. :)

5. My favorite movie of all time is Troy.

6. Umm........I have a three legged dog named Bubby, and he is the cutest, sweetest dog ever. :)

7. My pickup truck is currently sitting outside, gutted, waiting for me and my Daddy to fix it up and make it driveable. :)

So, who do I nominate for this award?
Cheyenne from {This Girl Reads}
Zhanna and Witcha from A Match Made in YA Fiction
Tristen from Totally Booked Solid
Calamity and Chaos from Muggle Madness
Darkitty from Ebony Ink Reviews
Kristy1504 from A Little Shelf of Heaven
Beth from Beth Art From the Heart

So, who will you nominate?


  1. Okay, I totally never saw this! Thank you!
    You're so funny. ;)
    I'm a huge cereal fan too! I could eat it every meal and be completely happy. (:

    1. Haha, your supposed to contact the nominations, but I always completely forget to. ;)
      Thanks! :)
      Me too! All kinds of cereal! My sister always complains that I take all the cereal and the milk. *True* :P