April 13, 2012

Sunshine Award!!!!

I got an award!!!! Woot, Woot! I would like to thank Emily Fay over at Hooked in a Book for this award!!!

I have to answer these ten questions, so here I go.

1. Favorite Color? My favorite color is definitely purple! (Haha. Couldn't you guess?)
2. Animal? Cats, Dogs, Parakeets, Wait. We don't need to go through the entire list. It won't fit. 
3. Number? 28
4. Non-alcoholic Drink? Dr. Pepper!!!
5. Facebook or Twitter? Neither. They bore me too much.
6. My Passions: Reading, Riding, and Driving. (Don't laugh. I Love to drive.)
7. Getting or Giving Presents: Both. :)
8. Pattern: Abstract
9. Day of the Week: Wednesday. She answered it before me, but it's true.
10. Flower: Roses.

                      I get to pick ten people to pass on the award too!!

                                 Katie at Call me Crazy
                                Anna at Literary Exploration
                               L.C. at L.C.'s Adventures in Libraryland
                          Zhanna and Witcha at A Match Made in YA Fiction
                                   Sage at Sage Like the Spice
                                     Mimi at Mimi Valentine
                          Emily at Emily's Crammed Bookshelf
             I'm gonna only do seven. Because I can't think of anyone else that has influenced me.
                 If you get tagged answer the questions, and tag some more people!!!


  1. AWW! Thanks so much! We're flattered!

  2. Don't worry about it. I wish I had half the talent ya'll do. :)