April 5, 2012

Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale

Wow. This is the first time I've ever heard of Huntington's disease. It must be devastating. How could you live your whole life knowing that the results of one test had ruined it? That you could pass it on to your kids? How? What makes people want to know how they're gonna die? What makes people want to abandon their babies? I don't know, but I loved this book. Rose and Andy are great characters, and they seem very real in their relationship. They handle things in very different ways though. Andy's always running away, and Rose is always thinking she knows best. The dynamics and emotions throughout the book were amazing though.

Here's the Blurb:

When seventeen-year-old Rosie’s mother, Trudie, dies from Huntington’s Disease, her pain is intensified by the knowledge that she has a fifty-per-cent chance of inheriting the crippling disease herself. Only when she tells her mum’s best friend, ‘Aunt Sarah’ that she is going to test for the disease does Sarah, a midwife, reveal that Trudie was not her biological mother after all... Devastated, Rosie decides to trace her real mother, hitching along on her ex-boyfriend’s GAP year to follow her to Los Angeles. But all does not go to plan, and as Rosie discovers yet more of her family's deeply-buried secrets and lies, she is left with an agonising decision of her own - one which will be the most heart-breaking and far-reaching of all...

                               I give this Book Four Stars.


  1. Thank You! I read Gil Marsh yesterday. :) They're both really cool books, and that helped. :)

  2. I wish I had enough time to read a book a day.

  3. I wish I did too, I'm behind! :)

  4. I agree that the book subject matter was really unique and.... terrible. I mean, it made for a good story but oh my gosh I was FREAKING out learning about the disease. I actually wrote into my review that people should read the book just for the awareness about the disease. If more people are reading and learning about it, it is more likely that time and effort will be spent raising money and looking for a cure.

    Good luck with the rest of the SARC.

  5. I know! I had never heard of it before, and it was just....Heart breaking.

  6. So now I want to cry... I was inches away from buying this book a few months ago! This book was in the middle of the little baby books and I thought this was a pre-teen book so I didn't bother getting it.
    Now I want it.

    1. Oh no! It's really good, if you ever do get your hands on it. SO SAD. :( But a good sad, for me. ;) Nah, definitely not pre-teen! I hope that you get it. ;D