April 6, 2012

Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci

There is no plot to this book. But it's okay, it doesn't need one. Egg is a sci-fi obsessed girl just trying to find herself in a world where she is considered a geek. Her mum is famous in a B-List way, so she has insider information on all the newest sci-fi movies, but she won't tell her friends. Max is a good character, but we have no background story or character development on him, so he isn't really all that great. He had potential, but it was squandered. Egg is a very independent character, but she also doesn't get much character development. She's interesting, but she's also very self-serving, and uninterested in people and being a friend unless it suits her. Maybe she grew up a little through the book, but not much. I won't be reading this again, but for all intents and purposes, it was fairly entertaining.

Here's the Blurb:

What happens when an antisocial cinephile meets up with the worldly new guy at school — a quick-witted artist who's savvy enough to see through her sci-fi disguise? 
Meet Egg. Her real name is Victoria Jurgen, but she's renamed herself after the kick-ass heroine of her favorite sci-fi movie, Terminal Earth. Like her namesake, Egg dresses all in white, colors her eyebrows, and shaves her head. She always knows the right answers, she's always in control, and she's far too busy — taking photos for the school paper, meeting with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, and hanging out at the creature shop with her dad, the special-effects makeup wizard — to be bothered with friends, much less members of the opposite sex. As far as Egg is concerned, she's boy proof, and she likes it that way. But then Egg meets a boy named Max, a boy who's smart and funny and creative and cool...and happens to like Egg. Could this be the end of the world — at least as Egg knows it? 

                                   I give this Book Three Stars.

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