April 23, 2012

Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor

Addie is waiting for normal, but Addie's mom has an all-or-nothing approach to life: a food fiesta or an empty pantry, jubilation or gloom, her way or no way. In spite of life's twists and turns, Addie remains optimistic that someday, she'll find normal.

My Thoughts/Review:

Addie's character was okay, but she is very forgettable. Her story didn't speak to me, and I'm kind of wondering how it got an award. Also, what kind of a kid calls her Mom 'Mommers' and her Grandpa 'Grandio'? Cause that just seems weird to me. It also drove me completely insane! I had to read the entire book thinking 'Mommers' and 'Grandio'. It almost killed me. And nothing ever really happened in this book at all. She went to school. She faded into the background. It all just kind of blurred together and faded away. She never did anything, and if she did, the author was not describing it very well at all. I'd guess it was a little entertaining, but it sure wasn't my thing. Also, it was very, very Predictable.

"I'm not chasing after anything," I mumbled to myself. "I'm waiting. Waiting for normal."

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