March 30, 2012

Rattled by Lisa Harrington

What to say. Well. Let's start with this. Wow. I never expected that from, well, that. The story started out kind of juvenile/lowergrade, then advanced in the middle to be kind of a hardcore mystery book. What I mean is, it was slow until the last half of the book. In the last half of the book it was kind of bang, bang, bang, in the way of serious events. It will keep you guessing, and none of your guesses will be right. Lydia and Jilly's relationship grows in the book, from never talking to sometimes hanging out. Lydia is not really a filled out character, if you know what I mean. The dreaded 21/2  dimensional characters. The ultimate put down in a book. All in all, it was pretty good.

Here's the Blurb:

Fifteen-year-old Lydia, resigned to a boring summer, is thrilled when Megan and her totally hot brother, Sam, move in across the street. But their rude and hostile mother, Mrs. Swicker, is strangely protective, and does everything she can to stop Lydia and her older sister, Jilly, from getting anywhere near her kids.
One day Lydia accidentally stumbles across something very puzzling in the Swickers' basement. Determined to find some answers, Lydia enlists the help of Jilly. But the further they investigate, the more bizarre the discoveries.
Lydia's suspicions about Mrs. Swicker are mounting, but she has no idea what a twisted, dangerous secret she has uncovered until it's too late.

         I give this Book Three Stars.This book was from a giveaway hosted by Anna at Literary Exploration. Visit her here.

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