March 15, 2012

In Retrospect #2 Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

In Restrospect is a meme hosted by The Book Babe, here at Books to Love(And Read!). When you reread a book, your thoughts about the book probably change, maybe not dramatically, but a little bit. An In Retrospect is when this happens.

I Love you, Sam Henry. And J.J. And Carter. All you footballies. Catching Jordan may just be right up there with The Duff. I am positive I was smiling like a retard while reading this. You could also hear some very appreciative snickering coming from my direction.(Well deserved snickering, of course.) I take it all back. The ending did not ruin it. Seriously. I can't keep myself from coming back to these books.

                         I give this Book Four Stars. Love that cover.

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