January 26, 2012

The Princess of Destiny & The Princess of the Night (The Hero Chronicles #5) by Christine E. Schulze

I won this book in a Goodreads giveway, and am rather Proud to say it is signed by the Lovely Author Herself, Miss Christine E. Schulze. I rather liked this book and the way it was delivered was superb, But I wish I had known it was a series.(Yes, I know it's my fault for not paying attention). I look forward to reading the first four books of the series. Here's the Blurb:

When a familiar stranger, Bryan Thomas, graces the school, Chasmira can't draw her attention away from him nor place her finger on why exactly he so captivates. Not that she has time to be concerned with such things. She's too busy preparing for the final battle and learning about heartsongs. By mastering this art, she can know, just by listening, whose heart is pure and whose is evil. But before she can master such a skill, the truths of many hearts will be painfully revealed. Before the end, can Chasmira use the power of the heartsongs not only to find and overthrow the Princess of the Night, but to unravel the true longings of her own heart?
                                           I give this book Three Stars.
"Hot Tears silently escaped Chasmira's eyes."It's been several months, Sarah. I'm with Eric now, I Love him....but I still feel like a part of my soul is missing...."

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