January 30, 2012

A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker

I have been wanting to read this book forever. And I am very dissapointed. This book has a completely ridiculous plot, so as is it should be funny. And it is. You know that thing in high school where they make all the seniors couple up and have a fake baby? Well this book basically makes a complete mockery of that tradition. *Spoiler* In the end, when Fiona ends up with Johnny, It was weird. I like Johnny over all, but he really didn't get very much character development. And that makes me sad. *Spoiler End* Speaking of which, none of the characters really were very developed, Plus Johnny reminded me very much of Owen from Just Listen.
Here's the Blurb:

When the principal announces that every senior must participate in a mandatory year-long Marriage Education program, Fiona Sheehan believes that her life can't get any worse. Then she marries her "husband": jerky jock Todd, whose cheerleader girlfriend, Amanda, has had it in for Fiona since day one of second grade. Even worse? Amanda is paired with Fiona's long-term crush, Gabe. At least Fiona is doing better than her best friend, Marcie, who is paired up with the very quiet, very mysterious Johnny Mercer.

Pranks, fights, misunderstandings, and reconciliations ensue in an almost Shakespearean comedy of errors about mistaken first impressions, convoluted coupling, and hidden crushes. 

                                                  I give this Book Two Stars.

“Amanda doesn't hate you. She's jealous of you."
"What? Todd listen. Drugs are bad, buddy. You shouldn't do them first thing in the morning. Wait until after lunch at least.”

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